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In order to demonstrate some of the features of the 3D Kit an example Data File (3dkitgame) is included.

First load in the data file from the disc or cassette. Move the pointer to the LOAD icon and press fire. A dialogue box will appear asking for the file number.
  • Disc Users:
    The Kitgame is stored as File 9 on Side 2 of the disc, so insert the disc with Side 2 facing upwards and press 9.

  • Cassette Users:
    Put in the Cassette marked "Data Files" and rewind to the beginning. Press RETURN/ENTER when the Dialogue Box asks for the file number, and the program will load the next file on the tape.

Now using the FREESCAPE icons experiment with moving around the new environment. Move in all the directions you can until you become completely familiar with how to move yourself around within the FREESCAPE landscape.

Pressing the SPACE BAR will bring up a cross-hair cursor within the view window (this can be redefined). This is your 'sight' and can be moved around using the joystick or cursor keys (depending on which option is selected upon loading with the Spectrum version). When in this mode, pressing the Fire button on the joystick (or the B key) will "shoot", and the lines of the laser gun will appear on the screen, culminating at the cross-hair cursor. In this mode, pressing the "A" key will in turn ACTIVATE an object where the cross-hair cursor is positioned if the object is near enough. Note that activate will have no visible effect unless conditions are entered for this function to operate. Pressing the SPACE BAR once again will return control of movement.

3D Construction Kit Page 6 Eine Ebene Zurück Home 3D Construction Kit Page 8