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On some versions of the compiler you will be asked if you wish to load or save data from tape or disc. Make your selection by pressing T or D when prompted.

When the compiler is loaded you will be asked to insert the Destination Tape or Disc. This is the medium on which your runable world will be located. Ensure that the DESTINATION Tape/Disc is not A DATA or PROGRAM tape/disc. In the case of disc users, the DESTINATION disc should be formatted normally, as instructed in your computer user's manual.

When the destination tape/disc is ready, press a key and the system will begin saving part of the runner program. Eventually, you will be asked to load the DATAFILE. You will be required to enter the DATAFILE number (0-9), and instructed to insert your DATA tape/disc. This is the tape/disc which contains your DATA. When ready, press a key.

When the data has loaded you will be required to replace the DESTINATION tape/disc (a message will inform you of this). When you have done so, press a key. The DATA will then be copied to the DESTINATION tape/disc.

Finally, you will be asked if you require a border. If you have created a border to be included in your runnable environment, press Y, otherwise press N.

In the case of the Spectrum and the CPC, these are straight screen dumps. The border for the C64 must be in Advanced art studio format in multi-colour Lo-res bitmapped mode.

If you typed a Y, then you will be required to insert the tape/disc with the border image saved on it. Press a key when ready. The program will then ask for the name of the border file. Type the full name then press enter. The border should then load. When the border has loaded, you will then be asked to insert the DESTINATION tape/disc. Insert the DESTINATION tape/disc and when ready press a key.

The compiler will now save the final sections of data to the Runnable DESTINATION tape/disc. The runnable world has now been created. Pressing a key at this point will exit the compiler, resetting your machine.

You are free to distribute or sell the compiled runnable version of your environment. All that is required is that you mention on your product that it was created using the 3D Construction Kit. Note that it is an offence to sell or distribute copies of the 3D Construction Kit Editor or any part of the Editor or accompanying data. iv>

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